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considerable number of young people drawn from
middle-class and upper-class homes, who figure
in the extreme left movement everywhere. It
is their moral reaction to the " stuffiness " and
social ineffectiveness of their parents and their
own sort of people. They seek an outlet for their
abilities that is not gainful but serviceable. Many
have sought an honourable life—and often found
it, and death with it—in the struggle against the
Catholics and their Moorish and Fascist helpers
in Spain.
It is a misfortune of their generation that so
many of them have fallen into the mental traps
of Marxism. It has been my absurd experience
to encounter noisy meetings of expensive young
men at Oxford, not one of them stunted physically
as I was by twenty years of under-nourishrnent
and devitalised upbringing, all pretending to be
rough-hewn collarless proletarians in shocked
revolt against my bourgeois tyranny and the
modest comfort of my declining years, and recit-
ing the ridiculous class-war phrases by which
they protected their minds from any recognition
of the realities of the case. But though that
attitude demonstrates the unstimulating educa-
tion of their preparatory and public schools,
which had thrown them thus uncritical and
emotional into the problems of undergraduate